Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 30ml

So today's post on Instagram was my fave drugstore product for me that had to be Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation 30ml

I first heard of this foundation on a YouTube video by Tanya Burr, where I think Tanya compared it to Nars Sheer Glow, or mentioned it as an Anti Fatigue foundation.  I was looking on the market for a new foundation and this sounded an interesting one to try. I picked mine up from Boots which RRP £8.99 which isn't to badly priced and they normally runs offers i.e 3 for 2.

My first impression of this foundation was that it was quite thick. For most girlies they won't think this but I'm used to very light foundations, where as this is medium coverage.
As it says on the bottle it is 'Anti Fatigue' and it has a constancy of a slight shimmer, this gives the skin a healthy dewy look! I have normal skin type, but I do think that if you suffer from oily skin you may need to set your T-Zone with a pressed powder. I do have quite a few blemishes on my skin and although the coverage is ok, I always use concealer and this finishes off a flawless look.

So overall I think this is a reasonably priced foundation and one I will defiantly be repurchasing!

Thank you for reading :-)

Leanne  xxx

Monday, 16 September 2013

Superdrugs Own Brand Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser

Superdrugs Own Brand Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser

I recently posted on my Instagram account @@lipsticksoflove that my 'something everyone should try' should be Superdrugs own brand Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser. I have fallen in love with this cleanser, literally I haven't touched any of my other makeup removing products since I started using it three weeks ago! It claims it has Kiwi fruit extract, Mullberry Fruit extract both which are supposed to help brighten the skin. Cocca butter which of cause is a skin softener.

I used to sit there taking my eye makeup off, then foundation etc. Now I go to bathroom, run the hot tap, splash my face, rub in a small amount of product, ALL over my face and eyes, leave on for one minute. Now for the best bit, run the hot cloth Muslin cloth under the hot tap and put over the face.......bliss!!! Then I gently rub the cloth over my face removing my make up. It is so refreshing and my skin feels so clean afterwards. Then to finish I then splash my face with cold water to close my pours.
I then on a cotton pad smooth some toner over my face, followed by 'Simple'' spotless skin moisturiser.

Then that is me done, all ready to get some very much needed beauty sleep :-)

Take Care

Leanne LipSticksOfLove xxx

Monday, 15 April 2013

MUA my fav new makeup brand

My totally favourite makeup brand at the moment has to be MUA available to us in the UK at Superdrug. I had heard a few make up bloggers talk about MUA and thought I would check it out, and now I am hooked!

Firstly MUA is very affordable, and their makeup ranges from lips sticks for £1, blushers £1, £2. I have put a link to there website- http://www.muastore.co.uk/


So what have I brought and what did I think?


As you can guess from my blog name LipSticksOfLove I do love my lipsticks, so I was drawn straight to them.

I brought the following colours…

Shade in order from left to right
Shade 9, Shade 6, Shade 4, Shade 3
On my wrist..
In order on my wrist (because I mixed them up opps!)
Shade 9, Shade 3, Shade 6, and Shade 4
Now I have dark hair and dark brown eyes, and I always think that reds and bright pinks normally look better on me. But I have started to be a “bit” more daring! I will start with my favourite of the 4 and that has to be shade 3, wow what a colour. I have a very similar colour by Sleek called loved up. Think I paid about £5 for it, so an alternative for £1 is fab! The colour itself has great pigment, the colour is really rich. I would say that the sleek one, once applied to the lip isn’t going anywhere, where this isn’t as stay proof. But it does look very fresh on the lip, rather then dry.
My next fav colour is Shade 6, again a lovely colour. For me more of a day to day colour. I work in an office with all men so don’t always want a heavy lip! Again it isn’t stay proof all day, but I would say it needs applying once or twice. It is moist on lip, so great if you are prone to dry lips.
Next is Shade 9, this is more of a brown shade then I would normally wear. I have only worn it the once and I wore it with a quite light make up. I was actually surprised how much I liked it, and made a change from the normal red and pinks I wear. The lipstick again, looks fresh on the lips, and this shade has a slight shimmer to it, so not ideal if you like your lips matt. Same as the other shades, it doesn’t last all day so will need to be touched up once or twice thought the day.
Lastly and the one I was most disappointed with is Shade 4, and just because it doesn’t really come out. You can see on the swatch on my wrist, it is very light and I have put quite a bit on. This is ideal for a really light lip, if you have gone for a heavy eye and instead of just going for a glossed lip you want to add a little colour!
All in all, I will defiantly be using all these lovely lippys, and I am pleased with my purchases!
I hope this has help you a little if you are looking for some new lipsticks :0)
Thanks for reading
LipSticksOfLove Leanne xx